My name is Lisa Pfeifer and I am a proud EarthMomEo! I am so excited to be launching our team website and letting the world know we are here! By day I am a wife to Dan and homeschool mom to 4 creative kiddos, by night I am an essential oil afficianado. I live in Dallas, Texas and my favorite oil today is Patchouli, but it could be totally different tomorrow!

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Want to start this journey with baby steps?  How about we get to work on those toxic chemicals in your home!  Let’s replace them with products that smell amazing and are completely non-toxic for your children and your fur babies.  The Thieves product line has it’s own Premium Starter Kit priced at $160.  The new additions to the Thieves line as of Convention 2015 are for the laundry and the kitchen. This is a great place to begin your journey to a Healthy Home!


          Thieves laundry          Thieves products at convention


So you have already been doing the non-toxic home thing for awhile (you still must try the Thieves product line at some point!) but want to dig in deeper and look into essential oils, because hey, everybody’s talking about them! So what’s all the fuss?  Find me on facebook and I’ll invite you to some online classes:



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There is so much more in the Young Living healthy lifestyle like healthy kids, healthy skin, healthy pets, healthy core supplements, but I will save those for another day!


I wish you all health, wellness, and abundance!