One day I was chatting with a new friend in La Madeleine’s and somewhere in the conversation mentioned making my own sauerkraut.  Sheila said, “you’re such an earth mom!”  I burst out laughing– she didn’t know that was what I had decided to name my business, my “team”.  I asked her, “what is an earth mom?” She said, “oh, you know— you homeschool, you make everything homemade, you know, an earth mom!

I think she was paying me a compliment? But she hasn’t seen my house! LOL!  When you make your own “stuff” that means more mess to clean up.  And truly, store-bought food is SO much easier, but I think I have become a flavor snob!  Seriously, my own cooking just tastes better than Campbell’s and Hamburger Helper!  I think I outgrew those in my first year of marriage!  I guess I do a lot of things myself. I’m not sure if it is the control freak inside or . . . Okay, yeah. It’s my inner control freak.

Truly though, I ASPIRE to be an earth mom.  I even know a few!  They have chickens to collect eggs from and goats to milk.  I drool when I read on facebook the happenings at their mini-farms.  They are the domestic goddesses I worship and compare myself to, the standard by which I measure my worth.  But get ready . . . I’m going to pull a Vince Vaughn!  Here it comes, “I KNOW MY TRUTH!”  Yep, I do!  While I want that mini-farm, those fresh eggs, that milk . . . I know me, I do!   Steph farm pics 4

I like to sleep til 8:00 . . . in the morning.  I like NOT going out to feed or water animals in the cold wee hours of morn.

I like NOT smelling barn smells before coffee!

I get pleasure from buying fresh eggs and raw milk from people who already did all that stuff for me!

Now you know my truth too!  Shhhh . . . don’t spread it around!



Link to where I get lots of recipes, including sauerkraut, and kimchi: